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Having a property inspected by a professional home inspector is a necessary and important part of the home buying process.  Even if you are buying new construction, hiring a qualified professional to inspect the home can provide you with valuable information about key aspects of the property that can, if left unattended sometimes cost you thousands in after-the-sale repairs.

In various Metro Atlanta communities like Roswell, Marietta, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Canton or Alpharetta, homes range in age from new home construction to thirty to fifty years old.  Many older homes have been updated but the original construction features like foundations, the roofing structure, insulation, duct work for heat and air systems, electrical wiring and plumbing are original to the home and may not only be in need of repair but may need updating or even replacement.

In many homes in Georgia and especially in many of the foreclosed properties for sale that have been empty for months and sometimes years, inspecting for mildew and mold and testing for Radon emissions and air quality is also a recommended part of the home inspection process.

As with most aspects of buying a home the home inspection is a necessary part of the process. It can forewarn you of potential issues and down the road repair costs, and give you relative peace of mind in knowing that the home you are about to purchase is in good physical condition and needs only your personal touch to transform it into your home. 

A knowledgeable realty team leader will be able to provide you with a list of names of qualified professionals to assist you in the inspection process.  This short video about the importance of the Home Inspection will provide you with the basics of how the home inspection benefits you, the home buyer. For access to a complete series of free video and informational emails that can provide you with many of the important strategies and information you will need to make the best home purchase you can CLICK HERE ==èSPECIAL E-MAIL SERIES REPORTS and ask for the free no obligation series of email reports to be sent to you regularly over the next few weeks.  Just put FREE VIDEO EMAIL SERIES in the subject line. 

If you just want to start out by searching the MLS to see what types of homes are available in your projected price range and area of preference CLICK HERE =èSEARCH THE MLS FREE

Remember, buying a home is a process, not an event.  Finding a Realtor to help you step through the process – one you can trust – will go a long way toward achieving your goals.



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The CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) is a very important tool for determining what a home’s value is, relative to other homes similar to the home you are considering purchasing or selling.  There are a number of facts and factors that are considered, compared and contrasted within a CMA.  But essentially, a CMA – when properly prepared and evaluated – can add significantly to understanding a property’s true fair market value (FMV).

A thorough CMA is information drawn from a variety of sources, selected for specific criteria and carefully focused to provide a detailed cost-value-benefits assessment.  It is not enough to simply look at recent activity in one neighborhood or sub division and calculate the average price for a home sold in recent months.  The neighborhood’s current, recent and historical activity, the area’s history – going back not just months but years, activity in a number of categories including homes for sale that both expired and were withdrawn from the market, and evaluative readings of comparable neighborhoods and homes are a portion of the data that helps build a more complete and clear picture of your property’s market value.

The CMA is a collection of broad and fine distinctions – some general, some very specific.  For example in Marietta, Areas 81 and 82, home values differ, sometimes significantly depending on whether a property is in the Sprayberry High School District or Lassiter High School district. Property taxes will differ depending upon whether your property is on the Cobb County side of Roswell or the Fulton County side of Roswell. Your Realtor should be capable of discerning the right information to gather, know the best way to assemble that information, be knowledgeable of how to assess that information and ready to provide you with both a clear picture of the Market Analysis and examples of back-up to support their recommendations and conclusions.

Understanding a property’s history can help you more clearly and confidently assess a property’s current and future worth, and potentially save you thousands of dollars in a purchase or earn you thousands of dollars in the future when it comes time to sell that property.  No two properties are the same.  No two CMA’s should be the same.  Be sure your Realtor really understands the intricacies of developing and evaluating the data, weighing its impact on both properties similar to the one you are considering purchasing or selling and your specific property. 

For an initial evaluation of a property’s potential worth CLICK HERE: On-Line-Home Evaluation.  Don’t underestimate the importance of an accurate CMA.


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"I'm looking for a really great deal in Lassiter," she exclaimed. "A really great deal!"  Well, okay. Who isn't if you're optimum choice of High School districts is the well respected Lassiter High School district in East Cobb/Marietta. In the sub divisions surrounding Lassiter in both Marietta and a segment of Roswell (just over the county line in Cobb County) where prices have declined considerably less than in other areas of Metro Atlanta, finding that "really great deal" can take a variety of forms.

It all starts with developing a plan with your Realtor; one that takes into account a list of important criteria that provides both focus in researching homes, sub divisions or streets, and allows for flexibility and creativity when viewing homes and ferreting out those "great deals."  In this Area there have been fewer foreclosures and short sale properties and so counting on finding an under priced bank owned or pre-foreclosure home means facing potential disappointment; banks and their distress sale managers know their markets and can afford to hold on to a property until they get their intended price.  That's where flexibility comes in.

Many of the foreclosed and short sale properties come with a history of physical neglect - meaning all those "deferred maintenance" issues that start small but grow into costly repairs when left unattended that can add to the cost of a so called good deal because of the need to make those repairs in order to bring the property up to reasonable living standards.  These "fixer-uppers" can be great deals. But you have to have the budget and the skills necessary to do the work yourself, or supervise a team of professionals to make the repairs for you.

For those home buyers who are neither "handy" nor ready to invest thousands in repairs before even moving in, a good Realtor knows where to find properties that are not distressed - yet the price for the quality of the home, street and neighborhood is a great deal.  These are homes that have been meticulously maintained by the owners.  They are in neighborhoods that have continued to appreciate despite the market crash. The amenities - pools, tennis, clubs, etc. are well established, carefully maintained and inviting. They are homes that need nothing more than a splash of paint here and there to match your color schemes, and a new owner who will provide the same high level of care and attention to the property so that the value will continue to grow over time.

Knowing what your tolerance is for work and effort, and understanding the limits of your budget and time helps frame a flexible strategy through which your true home buying goals can be achieved with patience and persistence. Then finding that "really great deal" in any market can become a delightful reality.